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Liz Soto portrait

Liz Soto loves color, unique detailing and wonderful textures. She brings this, along with her vast fashion experience and unsurpassed energy to create her handbag line. In high end boutiques from North Dakota to Florida, Maine to Hawaii, Liz Soto Handbags bring affordable trend-setting styles to everyone. Season after season, Liz presents her luxurious styles that make them very successful and desirable.

Liz is a native Californian from the Central Valley who made her way to Santa Monica to be inspired by the cool blue skies and easy weather. The vibrant energy of her Latina roots energizes her imagination as well as her training at FIDM, (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising), in Los Angeles and entrepreneurship with her fashion jewelry company she ran in the 1980-90’s.

Liz is comfortable in working in both faux leather and genuine leather and understands more than anybody how to incorporate jewelry embellishments into her designs. Her savvy keychains add a sparkle to her designs. Liz is a leader in developing and showcasing her signature two in one style handbags. This style features a high quality outer tote with a complete inner crossbody tote, enhancing the value and versatility of the handbag.

Among Liz’s many talents is her experience with fabrics and styling with detailed treatments. A look at her current spring line shows many treatments and materials she places together to maximize sophistication. The high quality components and materials bring a richness and unique feel to each style. The look of a Liz Soto Handbag is unmistakable and the utilitarian price point is always welcome. Liz’s passion for design and creative energy are present in every handbag for you to enjoy.


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